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            It's Time to Recognize User Needs and Secure Them

            As threats to data become increasingly sophisticated, leaders in the financial services industry must balance security and regulatory requirements with productivity. BlackBerry? offers solutions that will enable you to establish connections between internal teams, partners and clients while protecting client and firm data.

            Users Will Find and Employ Workarounds If Their Needs Are Not Being Met


            Of Financial Services IT professionals are “not at all confident” or “somewhat unconfident” in the ability of their employees, consultants and partners to adequately safeguard data1


            Of Financial Services IT professionals feel their employees must work around corporate IT policies to get their jobs done.1

            Financial Services IT has Little Confidence in Users Keeping customer data safe

            Infographic: Financial Services IT Has Little Confidence in Users Keeping Customer Data Safe

            IT departments need to recognize user needs and embrace solutions that address them, or they will continue to deal with the risks of technology workarounds. See the results of a survey of 537 IT professionals in the financial services industry, commissioned by BlackBerry and conducted by QuinStreet.?

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            Comply with Regulations

            Regulatory Compliance is considered one of the biggest emerging challenges within Financial Services according to IT decision makers.? BlackBerry offers proven security so your organization can meet the strictest financial standards, obtain necessary certifications and comply with data security regulations.?

            Pci DSS Certified
            Learn About GDPR Offerings from BlackBerry

            Enable Secure File Sharing

            Most financial services institutions report they have experienced a breach due to gaps in securing and sharing business files. Consequences identified by IT professionals include2:?


            Lost productivity


            Penalties for compliance failure


            Exposing sensitive data to the competition?

            BlackBerry? Workspaces is the best choice for secure file sharing and file transfer, providing employees with access to documents when and where they need them, and on any device, without fear of data leakage.

            • Control access to any file, even outside your firewall
            • Enable collaboration from any device between internal and external contacts
            • Revoke access to any file or by any user, even after the file has been downloaded
            • Protect against Ransomware

            Only 35% of Financial Services Organizations Are Confident They Meet Regulatory Requirements for Collaboration and File Sharing

            Deploy Apps Securely

            BlackBerryDynamics Created with Sketch.

            Keep Confidential Information Safe and Respect User Privacy

            Separating personal data from corporate data can prevent sensitive information from being exposed and avoid costly legal discovery requirements.? ??

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            Use Native Microsoft Mobile Apps Securely

            Get the full native app experience for Microsoft? PowerPoint?, Word and Excel? with BlackBerry? Enterprise BRIDGE, with unparalleled security.??

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            Secure Web Apps and Intranet Access?

            Give employees mobile access to your intranet and corporate network via a secure browser with BlackBerry? Access.? ?? ??

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            Secure Your Laptops, Tablets and Smartphones

            BlackBerry??UEM is designed to protect an expanding set of applications, devices and endpoints across your organization from a single console.? Connect your employees to the information they need, on the devices they want (including BYOD), while protecting client data.?

            Adaptive security and AI to protect all your mobile endpoints is made possible with BlackBerry? Intelligent Security. IT can dynamically adapt the security requirements and behaviour of enterprise devices and apps to each user’s real-world experience and risk score. Real-time risk scores are determined using AI, combined with spatial data.

            BlackBerry UEM Blackberry Intelligent security

            Achieve a State of Threat Prevention with AI

            Today, networks are vast – with varied access points like ATM terminals, apps, kiosks, tablets, websites and traditional terminals. The Cylance AI-driven approach remediates faster, requires minimal system/infrastructure, and blocks threats before they can execute.? ??

            BlackBerry Cylance

            Success Stories

            As investment banks, we pay a great deal of attention to data security. Our security measures are incredibly comprehensive, and all solutions are chosen from among the leaders of Gartner’s Magic Quadrant report. Through a recent evaluation, we identified the need for a platform capable of providing stringent security for mobile endpoints.

            Zhang Weimin

            CTO of Citi Orient Securities

            I personally think that integrating BlackBerry Spark Communications Services will be a game-changer for us. Nothing else on the market has the functionality now offered by SafetyNet, and the industry has never had anything like it before.”? ??

            E. Jay Saunders

            Founder & CEO, Domus Semo Sancus

            BlackBerry Workspaces provided us with an independent and auditable way to manage document collaboration and information both internally and externally. With BlackBerry Workspaces, we're raising the bar and delivering a solution that improves everything for everyone.

            Grant Slender? ??

            Information Technology, Security and Risk Leader at QIC? ??

            We originally chose BlackBerry Workspaces because it helped us meet a compliance need. But since deploying it, our uses for it have only grown. We’ve come across many efficiency, security, and workflow challenges. BlackBerry Workspaces has helped us solve them.

            Darren Michael

            CIO at Patersons Securities

            We handle a lot of sensitive information, so customer confidentiality is our number one priority. As our mobility strategy evolved, we had to find a better way to service our clients and drive operational efficiency – that’s why we chose BlackBerry UEM. It met our strict security requirements for mobile work, and reduced the operational burden on our IT department.

            Masaharu Baba

            Senior Management of Systems Business Department, Information Systems Division, Aegon Sony Life Insurance Company

            We were looking for a mobility solution that was easy to use, easy to deploy, easy to maintain, and — most importantly — highly secure. BlackBerry provided us with exactly that through BlackBerry Work and BlackBerry UEM. We are extremely pleased with their software – it met all our needs.

            Thomas Skj?nhaug

            Head of IT Operations and Infrastructure, Oslo Stock Exchange? ??


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            Financial Services Study: It's Time to Recognize User Needs and Secure Them

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            1. QuinStreet survey results of over 500 Financial Services IT Decision makers in 6 countries (US / CA / UK / FR / DE / SUI) – December 2018

            2. Gaps in Enterprise File Sharing Security