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            FedRAMP Authorized Services

            BlackBerry is dedicated to offering secure cloud-based products and services

            Federal Agencies Trust BlackBerry

            BlackBerry is the trusted provider of security and data privacy for nearly all of the United States Cabinet and federal departments, including the Department of Defense, Department of Energy, Department of Homeland Security, Department of Justice, Department of Transportation, Department of Treasury and Department of Veterans Affairs. Federal agencies use BlackBerry’s end-to-end software stack to securely manage connected endpoints (e.g., smartphones, tablets, laptops and other IoT devices), as well as protect sensitive data sent via email, text messaging and voice calls.?

            BlackBerry AtHoc: FedRAMP-authorized Emergency Mass Communication

            BlackBerry? AtHoc sets the standard in networked crisis communication. It helps keep more than 70% of all US Federal employees safe, including US Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Department of Veterans Affairs, the Federal Aviation Administration, and Department of Energy personnel, among many others. It has received Authority To Operate designations from the US Federal Aviation Authority as well as the Departments of Treasury, Justice, Transportation and Energy.

            BlackBerry AtHoc Alert

            Secure two-way mass notification across social media, sirens, mobile app, computers, SMS, two-way radios, PA systems and wearable devices.

            BlackBerry AtHoc Connect

            Inter-agency crisis communication addresses critical deficiencies in crisis management and answers interoperability requirements set out by the DHS Interoperable Communications Act H.R. 615.

            BlackBerry AtHoc Account

            A single, up-to-date dashboard aggregates user status set by alert responses, system operators, call center employees, and designated Accountability Officers to account for 100% of your people and achieve operational efficiency.

            • Service Model: SaaS
            • Deployment Model: Hybrid Cloud
            • Impact Level: Moderate
            • Package ID: F1302271924; Package Access Request Form
            • Authorization Type: Agency (Federal Aviation Administration)
            • Independent Assessor: Kratos SecureInfo
            • Agency Authorization Date: 2/15/2017
            • FedRAMP Authorization Date: 3/10/2017
            Learn About BlackBerry AtHoc

            BlackBerry Government Mobility Suite: FedRAMP-ready Endpoint Management

            BlackBerry? Government Mobility Suite is a cloud-based endpoint management solution, offering a single, integrated view of users, devices, applications and policies within your IT environment.

            Upon full FedRAMP Authorization, customers will be able to use BlackBerry Government Mobility Suite to unify endpoints across all ownership models and operating systems, while securing sensitive data. It’s deployed in the Microsoft Azure FedRAMP approved Government cloud as a multi-tenant, government-only community cloud deployment model.

            The BlackBerry Government Mobility Suite architecture will serve as the baseline infrastructure for FedRAMP authorized productivity applications such as BlackBerry? Work and BlackBerry? Workspaces. These solutions will provide mobile access to key business tools such as email, calendars, contacts and tasks, as well provide secure access to enterprise file repositories.

            Read the press release View the fedramp designation

            CylancePROTECT: FedRAMP Certified Endpoint Security

            CylancePROTECT? delivers industry-leading threat prevention powered by AI, combined with application and script control, memory protection and device policy enforcement to identify and block threats before they can execute. It has achieved FedRAMP Moderate certification so that United States government agencies can implement AI-driven endpoint security through a cloud-managed architecture.

            Learn about CylancePROTECT View the FedRAMP Designation

            BlackBerry Government Solutions

            BlackBerry Government Solutions is headquartered in Washington, D.C and has a separate corporate governance structure from BlackBerry Limited to comply with U.S. national security requirements. It is led by Rear Admiral Robert "Bob" E. Day, Jr., U.S. Coast Guard (Ret.). BlackBerry Government Solutions will provide continual monitoring and visibility, ensuring consistent application of existing security practices. It will also provide support for other BlackBerry products as they go through the FedRAMP authorization process.

            Read the Press Release